Benefits of Pediatric Massage

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Pediatric Massage Benefits

For Infants:

  •          Improved Weight Gain
  •          Improved respiratory function
  •          Decreased length of stay (hospitalization)
  •          Improved parent/infant interaction
  •          Improved sleep patterns
  •          Improved long-range behavioral and developmental testing scores


For Healthy Children:

  •          Decreased anxiety
  •          Improved muscle tone
  •          Enhanced pulmonary and immune function
  •          Enhanced body image
  •          Increased bonding and attachment
  •          Healthy sense of boundaries
  •          Stress reduction
  •          Overall sense of well being


For Children with Special Healthcare Needs

  •          Improved muscle tone
  •          Improved joint mobility
  •          Improved respiratory function
  •          Improved sleep patterns
  •          Improved gastrointestinal function (regular bowel movements)


Autism and the Body

  • Massage increases levels of Serotonin (feel good hormone)
  • Massage increases levels of Oxytocin (love/cuddle hormone)
  • Massage increases levels of Endorphins (natural pain killers)
  • Massage increases levels of Dopamine (neurotransmitter & hormone)
  • Massage increases activity of the vagus nerve (nervous system & social function)


Benefits of Massage Pediatric Autism(ASD)

  •  May provide relaxation
  •  May help child to adapt to become more accustom to tactile    stimulation
  • May help with body awareness
  •  May promote more on-task and social relatedness behavior during play observations
  •  May decrease issues with sleeping

Benefits of Massage for Pediatric Cancer

It should be noted that not every child will respond to massage therapy in the same manner.  All benefits listed are possible.

  •          Decreased pain, anxiety and fear
  •          Increased white blood cells and neutrophils
  •          Improved immune function
  •          Decreased depression
  •          Decreased production of stress hormones (cortisol)


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